Auransa’s innovative approach to developing precise medicine for patients is based on two core proprietary technologies developed over the past four years.

SMarTR™ Engine is an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven platform for discovering patient subpopulations, novel targets, unique mechanisms of action and precise therapies.

CTSeek™ Liquid Biopsy is a companion liquid biopsy technology that will ensure we are identifying the appropriate patients for our clinical trials and enable us to monitor their responses to our treatments.

SMarTR Engine

Auransa’s proprietary computational platform delivers unprecedented predictive power to identify disease subtypes and create more biologically and clinically relevant treatments. We have identified patient subtypes for more than 30 diseases across five therapeutic areas, and our most advanced therapeutic programs are progressing through preclinical development towards investigational new drugs (IND). Pipeline

The SMarTR Engine has shown a high hit rate in subtype-specific cell and animal models, with results promising to be instrumental in speeding new medicines into clinical development for biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

CTSeek Liquid Biopsy

Our advanced liquid biopsy technology works in concert with our therapeutics. This technology enables us to go into clinical trials knowing which patients will be the most responsive to treatment with Auransa’s drug candidates. CTSeek also provides a way for researchers and clinicians to monitor patients’ progress throughout the trials.

Auransa’s proprietary circulating tumor cells (CTC) technology gathers rich molecular information from tumor cells circulating in patient blood in a way that traditional CTC or ctDNA technologies cannot achieve. With CTSeek, we aim to cost effectively match patients to subtypes discovered by the SMarTR Engine.